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Today I am talking about the Young’s Gastro Marinated Basa Fillets. As someone who has a busy lifestyle I am a fan of any food that is quick, versatile and healthy. These Young’s Gastro Marinated Basa Fillets. fit the bill perfectly. On Slimming World these fillets are only 1.5 syns each for the sweet chilli and 0.5 for the lemon and herb.

Being as I am a busy bee most days I am very pro quick cooking foods, these fillets cook 20 minutes in the oven or only 4 minutes in the microwave. Winner!

I managed to pick up the Lemon and Herb and Sweet Chilli fillets from my local Asda, but I imagine they are available at most supermarkets in the frozen section I got these on a 2 for £5 offer too.

Now as well as being busy I am also a fussy eater, (Gah, I know I’m terrible) I do like fish though and these basa fillets are so versatile you can pair them with almost anything; Pasta, rice, potato or in a nice salad maybe?!

Young’s Gastro Marinated Basa Fillets Lemon and Herb

With these lemon and herb fillets I went for my favourite pairing of a simple mashed potato and peas, I find these quick and simple meals are always the ones I enjoy the most!

Young’s Gastro Marinated Basa Fillets

A simple 25 minute family favourite here, and it was delicious!

Young’s Gastro Marinated Basa Fillets Sweet Chilli

For the sweet chilli version my husband and I decided to pop them in the oven for a quick lunchtime snack, my kids are on their school holidays at the moment and ask for food every two seconds of the day and this dish went down so well with my eldest who even asked for more!

I really enjoyed both of these dishes, they are definitely something that will be a staple item in our freezer. I am all for the ease of quick healthy convenient food and these are just perfect for that!

Do you like basa? How do these ones sound to you? Let me know below or you can come chat to me over on Instagram 🙂

*This is a collaborative post.

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