10 crazy things I would do if I won the lottery!

Winning the lottery is the dream isn’t it

I think all of us have had those daydreams where we win the Euromillions and mentally spend all the money in our heads on cars and houses and dream holidays. I know I have lived the dream in my head numerous times!

However, aside from all the normal ‘buy a house, clear my debts, give to charity‘ things I would do if I won big let’s go for 10 crazy things I would do if I won the lottery!

  1. Buy out Skechers – Being my fave shoe if I owned them my feet would never hurt again! Win.


2. Build a Jelly filled swimming pool. – Because who doesn’t love jelly, and also it sounds rather cool to jump into a massive pool of the wobbly stuff!

3. Buy a castle. – A massive one and turn it into a wedding venue of dreams!

won the lottery

4. Have surgery. – Under eye and a boob lift. Aint nothing like upright boobs!

5. Fly to Vegas. Just to drop a lump on 32 red.

6. Go to space. Why not?

won the lottery

7. Replace stairs with slides! – HOW FUN DOES THAT SOUND! Go up steps but down slides, someone needs to do this to my house right now!

8. Make up my own sports team. – Clare FC, we’d play in neon rainbow colours obvs.

9. Buy a private island. – Literally run away whenever you want. #Dream.

won the lottery

10. Try to buy Justin Timberlake. – Because y’know, I heart him.

won the lottery


What crazy things would you do if you won the lottery? Let me know!

*This is a collaborative post


20 comments on “10 crazy things I would do if I won the lottery!

  1. Try to buy Justin Timberlake. Lol!!
    I’d pay off both mine and my boyfriend’s student loans.
    Then I’d take a trip to Hawaii to do the Lost tour!

  2. Love your selection of things you’d do! Just imagine… I would love to go on the most incredible holiday with all of my friends and family 🙂

  3. Yes to the slides! And Yes to JT. Still love that dude… can’t fight the feeling, huh?! (guffaw) #BlogCrush

  4. Haha brilliant! A desert island sounds good, and a castle. I think I’d pay Disney to make a princess movie about me! Haha #blogcrush

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