Slimming World meals from Iceland – Review.

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Today we are going to talk about the Slimming World meals from Iceland.

Due to popular demand SW have recently launched their own ready meal range, I am a bit of a ready meal fiend, so when I decided to try some of these I was very skeptical, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and genuinely like them.

To see the full range on the Iceland website please click here.

I’ve picked out some that I have personally tried, now remember I am somewhat of a fussy eater and the range is quite big, so check out the link above as this is only a small portion of the options available.


First up are the soups. Pea and Mint, & Tomato and Basil are the ones I tried, I think the other one is Carrot and Coriander. I added ham to my pea soup and it was lovely. From a personal view I wished it had no lumps though!

If you know me you know I loooove tomatoes so the tomato and basil one was just perfect.
These take 12 minutes in the microwave so they are quick and easy for a lunch or when you are strapped for time.

Can anyone say syn free frozen burgers? OMG so handy for BBQs, easy throw in the oven days and they are divine, honestly my fave burgers ever. So good when you want to feel like you are being naughty having a huge cheeseburger and fries but make a SW friendly version, get all the goodness while feeling like you’re being a little naughty. Probably my fave of all the options.

If you love a curry this one is for you, this has a 2 chili rating on it so it does have a kick to it. If you don’t like spicy foods I would probably avoid this one. However, if you do definitely give this one a go.

If you are still keen on making your own curry you could just grab the sauce separately. I snapped this one up as a dipping sauce to go with SW chips!

I also love the sausages in this range, they are very versatile and I was surprised that for a ‘diet’ type sausage of how big they are, and as per all the items, syn free! The chicken ones though, definitely not my cup of tea.

Other meals include;

Singapore noodles
Chicken pizzaiola
Beef in red onion gravy with veg crush
Beef and pork meatballs
Hot-smoked salmon farfalle
Cottage pie
….And many more

Plus I hear on the grapevine that the end of 2016 will bring a few more additions to the range. Excited!

Have you tried any of the meals? What did you think?


10 comments on “Slimming World meals from Iceland – Review.

  1. The slimming world chicken tikka sauce was amazing when a few quorn chunks, spinach and mushroom was put with it , personal preference though x

  2. I have just tried tonight the sw beef with red onion gravy and veg crush … it was delicious .. large portion .almost to much .. tasty .. cant wait to have this again . Yesterday we had the sweet potato curry .. fantastic taste too and sooo filling .. really impressed

  3. Tried Aromatic Chicken Noodles . It was disgusting and went in the bin. The ginger and lemongrass was overpowering. Curry meals, burgers hav.e been great. My daughter concurs.

  4. I love the meals curries are amazing the mushroom soup is lush all the meals ive tried are lovely and ive recommended them to fellow slimming world members i havnt tried the sweet and sour yet but money wise they are free food excellent value and ive lost weight i shop at Iceland Paignton and my group is Thursday’s at brixham rugby club with Kerrie worth a visit to meet new friends and know you’re not alone x

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