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While my brain was trying to think up a blog post on education I decided to have a look around the net for people who are successful school dropouts. I was so impressed with the results I am going to share these famous names with you all.

It’s honestly been so hard to write a post regarding education when I myself fail to have one. I left school at 16 after my dismal GCSEs, which resulted in one pass of a grade C in English Literature. Ugh.

Successful school dropouts

So here we have 5 successful school dropouts!
Bill Gates

Bill Gates quite possibly the wealthiest person in the entire world dropped out of Harvard to found Microsoft with his mate and the rest, as they say, is history!

Richard Branson

What? Richard Branson as in the guy worth 4.9 BILLION pounds and founder of Virgin? YEP – Richard Branson actually left school at 16 after dropping out AND he is dyslexic too, but he still made something spectacular of himself. I mean if that is not inspirational I don’t know what is!

Steven Spielberg

Erm, isn’t he the like the most famous film-maker EVER?! Yuh huh. Did you know though, Steven Spielberg was REJECTED from University, pretty sure they are regretting that now!

Lord Alan Sugar

Amstrad was a big part of my childhood for sure, and this guy is the founder, with his measly ONE GCSE (Hey, same as me! I am destined for greatness it’s true!). These days he’s worth 1.4 Billion pounds and is a Lord (oo-er)

Albert Einstein

This is my favourite one, when I think of Albert Einstein I automatically think “smartest man ever!”. Did you know Einstein was classed a ‘dunce’ as a child, he didn’t speak until he was 4 years old but still went on to change the entire world of science for everyone! Yep, astounding huh?


Crazy huh? It sort of makes me realise that although I didn’t do well at school why should that mean I am not smart enough to make something of myself now. Something I will also be preaching to my kids (while gently trying to persuade them to stay at school if they can/want haha)

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  1. I love the positivity of the post – the ‘traditional’ route really isn’t for everyone but also think its much easier when you do have qualifications! These people feel like the exception rather than the rule to me. But maybe I’m just not brave enough to go my own way!!

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