So I joined Weight Watchers

Hey guys,

So I joined Weight Watchers, yep you aren’t seeing things, I really did. First things first I want to say that I still like Slimming World. I learned so much with them and it changed my entire life. I am just the type of person who needs change sometimes.

This is probably time I should tell you that I’ve done Weight Watchers before, in 2010 I joined after the birth of my second son and I lost 3 stone on the plan. So as much as I am a newb, I’m also not. Although it certainly has changed since I last was on it.

So let’s talk about the why;

It a nutshell, I need focus. It seems I am the type of person who binge eats. When left to my own devices I don’t half eat – oink oink. Iit’s become a bit of problem for me. I also have gained 21lb but that said I am happy with how fit and healthy I am right now so if I don’t lose any weight that’s okay too, I aim for fat loss and inch loss as I am on a gym plan with my online coach.



I joined as an online member, and I got a good deal 40% off so 3 months for just under £30 (not an ad, I paid for this myself) – I have to say even though I am only 3 days in I really like what I see so far, the app is by far a strong feature that they have in comparison to other plans I have done. It is as simple as scan a barcode and boom. If your barcode doesn’t scan which isn’t often there is a search function and even an online community section which I have found to be really motivating.

So that’s me, a Weight Watchers member once more. Feeling really positive and motivated and most importantly, focused. It’s fun getting to grips with pointing again and really interesting to see the differences between WW and SW. I might even blog about this another time.

I made pizza!! I used which is only 39 calories as a base!! (1SP, 2Syns) it was amazing 😍😍

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Are you on Weight Watchers? Let me know and feel free to come find me on my social media and we can chat!


14 comments on “So I joined Weight Watchers

  1. I am not n weight watchers but I have recently started a program to help me lose weight and also balance my diet by first eliminating most of the food groups and then reintroducing them but by bit, to find out which one hurts my stomach. So far I have been feeling amazing eating only clean meat, fruits and vegetables and I have lost quite some weight as well. I feel so much better with myself now.

  2. These plans work wonders for many people. I’m always a bit skeptical of them though – a lot of them seem like money-making schemes to get you to pick up their products from supermarket shelves. x

    1. I used to feel the same way believe me. I tend to find I rely on them for structure and portion control because I’ve already learned so much about nutrition, but I agree, for a a lot of people it is a way to suck you into their products and make money!

  3. I seem to be one of the few people that just doesn’t get on with SW as if I’m told I can eat unlimited amounts of something, apparantly I take that to heart! WW sounds like it would work though!

    1. There is quite a bit more portion control with weight watchers, it gets a bit tedious weighing things out but I find it helps me make better choices 🙂

  4. I’m a big fan of weight watchers. My best friend is a Weight Watchers coach so I feel like I’m pretty lucky there. Have you tried no count yet? I love it x

  5. Good luck with your weight watchers journey my darling,
    If I may say so.. I THINK you look absolutely fantastic & are a huge inspiration to all those women who wish to lose weight. I always recommend your blog to people who are struggling! YOU ARE AMAZING x

  6. Good luck with it all! I’ve never done it personally but my best friend has been on it since new year and has lost over three stone, it’s been amazing to see! She eats so much too!

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