Registering to vote! | #NotThe33

22nd May 2017

Tomorrow is the very last day you can go about registering to vote and I am taking the opportunity to share with you why I think it is important that you DO vote.

Wait, don’t leave, hear me out..

I used to be one of those people who thought their vote “didn’t matter” I didn’t really care about politics, that was for the rich powerful people to sort right? Wrong. So wrong.

I can understand peoples reluctance to put their faith in people they cannot 100% trust but I see it from the point of view that regardless to that fact that someone is still going to run the country I live in. If I use my right to vote I am having a minuscule say in how I feel about that.

Did you know in the 2015 general election 33% of people did not vote

What if they had?

Registering to vote

They could of made a difference. YOU could of made a difference.

You may think your voice doesn’t matter but look how many other people think that also. It’s enough to sway a vote that impacts your entire life. That is reason enough to vote surely?

Please Have your say, make an impact.

You can register to vote >here< and tomorrow 22nd May 2017 is the last day to do that so you best hot step it. The general election 2017 will go ahead on 8th June, which gives you enough time to go read each parties manifesto and see who fits the bill when it comes to your views on the country.

Please sign up to the Thunderclap – This is a way of making an impact with several people sending the same tweet on a hashtag simultaneously. At 8am tomorrow, we have scheduled for a tweet reminding people to register to go live. By registering on the following link, you can also share it >  #NotThe33  <

Will you be registering to vote?



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