Lo Dough | Guilt free pizza? | Diet friendly.

Howdy guys and gals.

Today I have a quick review for you all. As the header suggests I am going in for the guilt free pizza using Lo Dough.

lo dough lo dough


As you can see Lo Dough is a universal flatbread with only 39 calories per piece and is perfect for a pizza base like I used it.

I really liked it, it is light and fluffy but a little thicker than using a traditional wrap. My kids liked it too! Next time we are going to try kebabs with it using the Slimming World kebab recipe.

lo dough

The dough can be ordered directly via their website and sells out very fast. They restock daily at 10am. Two pieces cost £5 or you can buy 7 packs of 2 for £28, with free delivery. The price is a bit steep but it was very nice!

Have you tried Lo Dough? Let me know what you thought 🙂

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