A letter to my biggest baby on his last day of primary school.


I can’t believe we have arrived at your last day of primary school.

I want you to know that I am so very proud of you and the young man you are turning into. Although you drive me up the wall sometimes, that’s all part of the person you’ve become. My funny, clever and mischievous boy.

Today you finish year 6, I can’t believe it. My baby is going to be a high school-er next term! How are you almost 11 already? I remember the day you were born, you entered this world with quite the dramatics, but I instantly loved you and every day since that day my love for you has grown.

I want you to remember all the things you learned in primary school; courage, perseverance, trust & friendship. I hope you use these things to help you when you join the chaos of high school. You’ll make new friends easily I’m sure and reconnect with the peers moving up with you. Your high school experience will be very different to everything you know but I believe you will handle it the best you can. Just like everything else you do.

I hope you stay true to the lovely young man you are becoming and know that whatever choices you make in your life here forth I am proud of you.

last day of primary school

Thank you for filling my life with joy Oli, and making me one proud Mama.

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