Before I’m forty goals | Blogtober Day 7

Good morning!

Today we are talking about my ‘before I’m forty goals’.  I am 34 in November, and I have spent a lot of my adult life too scared to be myself.

My self-confidence has always been pretty much non-existent so being as I am striving to step out of my comfort zone and work on my self-worth more I thought we would talk about my ‘before I’m forty goals’ (Also because the prompt for Day 7 is ‘goals’ but shhh lol)


Looking back on my new year goals I had only three and they were;

  1. Put myself out there a little more
  2. Stay fit and healthy
  3. Work on my blog more

I feel like I’ve pretty much smashed these so far this year, this year I’ve already gone self-hosted with my blog, built my DA to 25, consistently gone to the gym 4-5 times a week, and started to tackle my anxiety issues big time!

So let’s delve into the ‘before I’m forty goals’
  • Drive! – We spoke about this one in Blogtober day 3!
  • Study something – I would really like to take a course in Autism
  • Attend a blogger event – This one fills me with dread, all those new people + my social awkwardness hmm!
  • Publish some of my writing – (that is still all in my brain I might add lol)
  • Get a sh!t hot camera! – Currently, I have eyes on the Olympus Pen!
  • Have surgery – Controversial!! I only want under eye surgery, I have the WORST hereditary dark circles ever!!
  • Travel abroad – My kids have never been abroad, but we are building the little one up to be comfortable away from home by taking little camping trips in a bid to get somewhere abroad
  • Do the Harry Potter studio tour
  • Go to New York (at Christmas if poss) – This one will probably never happen lol
  • Get re-married – Hubby and I have been married ten years next year (2018) I think I’d like us to renew our vows on year 15!

There we have it! What is your ultimate goal in life?

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4 comments on “Before I’m forty goals | Blogtober Day 7

  1. Wow we are 10 years married next year and are renewing our vows! You HAVE to go to New York! It is the most wonderful place!! Blogging conferences are awesome. I have anxiety too but have managed Britmums 3 times xx


  2. I was 40 in February and looking back I wished I set myself some goals to achieve before I was 40. I may have to try and find 40 things I’ve done by 40.
    I hope you get to New York as it’s an amazing place (I’d also like to go back at Christmas one day)

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