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One of my biggest regrets in life is that at 33 years old, I wish I could drive and had passed when I had the chance at 17. The problem is I am at a stage in my life where not only is it totes expensive to pass your test nowadays, but I also am a really anxious person. So imagining myself on the road… with other cars… driving!!, scares the living sh!t out of me.

As a family of 4, not being able to drive has been a challenge, our youngest son refuses to walk most places and for the past 3 years, we have literally pushed him on a scooter, everywhere. Can anyone say backache?! Sheesh. (Read more about him here.)

However in March my clever husband only went and passed his driving test didn’t he, and at last, we became a driving family!


We were lucky enough to inherit a car from my Mum, we call her Shirley (the car not my Mum). Shirley Carter in fact, because like Shirl (from Eastenders for those who don’t know) she is a bit old and battered but she packs a good punch and gets the job done! We love her.

Having that extra bit of freedom to pop and run errands, do our weekly shopping and even just go to the doctors and do the school run has been absolute bliss. I thought once Dave could drive it would just make life 100% easier and it absolutely has. We can take our boys out and about and they enjoy just having a wee drive out on a Sunday looking out the window and not really going anywhere.

But now I want to drive, for those days when hubs can’t chauffeur me around like the queen I am (lol) I keep thinking wouldn’t it be nice if I could drive. I can go visit my friends without dragging him along, and take my far too frequent trips to New Look all by myself!

– but I still think I’d be an awful driver. That was until Dave suggested I pass in an automatic, suddenly I thought if I can get my anxiety in check I could totes drive an automatic car!

So that’s the plan, drive before I hit 40, which gives me about 6 years to get myself in check and get myself some wheels.

Can you drive? Or are you an old fart with no licence like me?

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12 comments on “I wish I could drive ! | Blogtober17 Day 3

  1. I drive but it took me 5 attempts to pass! Had my licence 17 years now and could not be without it. My hubby is 36 and doesn’t drive! I wish he would sometimes but he doesn’t have much interest in it. Good Luck when the time comes. It gives you so much freedom. #Blogtober17

  2. I can drive but don’t, as like you, it terrifies me. I used to drive semi-regularly and the nerves do calm down eventually, but my husband uses our car for work so I rarely drive now. But then my cousin has recently started driving again after a long break and she loves it now, so maybe one day I’ll get back into it!

  3. I can drive – but it took me 2 years, about 400 lessons and 9 theory tests…….!!!!! So embarrassing! Great post, good luck with your lessons xx

  4. WE CAN DO THIS! We will learn and we will drive, and then we will meet up somewhere in the middle and go on New Look shopping trips and drink coffee!!! And Shirley though … I love that! xx #Blogtober17

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