What’s in my Hunkemoller Backpack | Review

Hi my loves,

Today I am going to be sharing with you a what’s in my gym bag as part of a review of the Hunkemoller Blogger Caro_E_ Backpack – which I am absolutely obsessed with I might add.

Hunkemoller Backpack


I mean how could I not adore this backpack? It’s so cute, pink and really unique. It has adjustable straps and is washable. (Which I love because the gym floor isn’t always the cleanest!)

Hunkemoller Backpack

So, what’s in my gym bag? Let’s have a look!

Hunkemoller Backpack

  1. Water bottle! – A must-have for the gym, I tend to drink all of this and refill it too!
  2. A portable juice – I’m not too keen on water (I know, I know) so I like to add a bit of no added sugar squash to my water
  3. Deodorant – because I am super paranoid about stinking the gym out lol
  4. Some protein bars – these are from Aldi and are a great snack if I go on an empty stomach
  5. My camera – because you know, Instagram!
  6. A hair tie – I am that girl who always seems to snap a hair band when she needs it the most, I take spares with me everywhere lol
  7. Gloves – because lifting weights is hell on your hands!

The great thing about the Hunkemoller backpack is that it’s quite big, so I can also throw my hoodie in the bag too and as the winter months draw in I think I might put a scarf and some gloves in there too.

Hunkemoller Backpack

To see the full Caro_E_ range you can click here, my birthday is coming up so I am planning on sending my husband links to some gorgeous leggings I need in my life!

What’s in your gym bag?

*This is a collaborative post*

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