How fast can I lose weight on Slimming World? FAQ..

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How fast can I lose weight on Slimming World

Today I was chatting to a friend and we got on to the subject of things I am most asked by people who inbox me on Facebook regarding my weight loss. I totally decided this could be a blog post of it’s own, because with the risk of sounding big headed here, I get a lot of messages!

I adore getting the messages though, mostly them come from people who are inspired by me and my weight loss and that is a brilliant feeling, many of them have joined Slimming World themselves and come and said “I joined because I saw how well you have done!” and there is really nothing more ego boosting than knowing you can inspire people. If you’re reading this knowing you are one of those people then I want to say thank you, because even though it’s me who is inspiring you, you also inspire me, to carry on and be the best I can be. So thank you very much for all your kind words.

So on to the blog; How fast can I lose weight on Slimming World.

1. How long did it take you?

Okay this probably is the most asked question along with “how fast can I lose weight?” and I am honest in my answer because while on SW it has a simple “14 months” answer. Yes, in my 14 months on the Slimming World plan I lost 4.5 stone and became a whole new person. However like I tell these people who ask, my overall weight loss progress has been a lot longer, 4 years longer. I first started losing weight in 2010 after the birth of my youngest baby, and for 4 years, my relationship with food was pretty much non existent, I did have a stint on Weight Watchers where I lost 3 stone and if anyone asks me I have pros and cons to say about the WW plan, as I also have with SW, at the end of the day Weight Watchers just wasn’t fit for me but is a good plan.
Your weight loss journey length will be dependent on the work you put in and the determination you have. 

2. Can you tell me what foods you eat on Slimming World?

I can yes, I can tell you what foods I eat on SW, but it wont necessarily turn out to be the same kinds of foods you will eat on the plan, I am a self confessed fussy eater. I don’t eat pasta, rice or baked beans and all 3 of those foods can be a HUGE part of the SW plan, however I make it work by enjoying the foods I do love (can anyone say tomatoes?! haha) I do give out advice on meal plans and I link to my foodie section of this ever updating blog where possible and I don’t mind giving advice at all but it is hard for me to tell someone what to eat so I tend to throw ideas around and hope for the best haha.


3. Do you have to exercise.

This is a weird one for me. As I decided not to go mad while I was dieting. I have a standard amount of exercise I do in my daily life anyway as I am a walker, and I did try and up my exercise a little by hitting more steps on my FitBit, but there were no gym memberships or running while I was zoned in on my ‘diet’. That is personal preference and experts will always say it is wrong as finding a balance of diet and exercise is important to be healthy, and they are right. However for my personal choices, I decided to keep going as I was while I concentrated on my weight loss and now I am at target I am upping my fitness. It is a bit backwards yes but I live life on the edge lol.


4. Is it hard? 

Yep. Plain and simple, it’s sodding hard, you have to want it so much that it just becomes your life, change your eating habits, FOR LIFE and once you get your head around that it all suddenly becomes easier.


5. How much is SW?

£4.95 a week, plus joining fee for group (£10) but there is usually ALWAYS a free joining coupon around so have a look first. Online membership is an upfront cost for so many months.

6. What is your top advice? 

Be determined and drink your water.

7. Can I really eat as much as I want?

Yes you can, the general rule of SW is “everything in moderation” – You will be taught to optimise your food, fill up on free/speed food and stop when you feel full. It’s all about you learning to listen to your body and know your own limits. For example if you usually have a small plate of pasta you wouldn’t eat five plates because it is ‘free’ you have to listen to your body and know when you are full.

8. How many syns should I eat?

Everyone has the same number of syns per day, 15. SW recommend you eat between 5-15 daily.
Eat them! They are part of the plan to be eaten and thinking by not eating them you will lose more weight is a myth, don’t deprive yourself, if you want chocolate and can fit it in your syns, have it. If you are not hungry try incorporating some syns into things like sauces.
You should never feel like you are giving anything up on the plan.

Remember:15 syns = 300 cals
300 x 7 days = 2100 cals

In order to lose a 1lb per week you need to reduce your calorie in take by 3500cals per week in order to lose a pound (on top of your normal maintenance cals) so by not having any syns at all you will not even lose an extra pound!


9. Do I have to eat my Healthy Extras? 

Yes. Again, it is a myth that having  no healthy extras will help your weight loss. If you are not eating your healthy extras then you aren’t following the plan. Not only do healthy extras help your weight loss, they provide you with all the goodness your body needs. 

10. Do you have to stay for group?

No. In fact I didn’t always stay, with my anxieties I found it hard to stay to the Image Therapy session, but you are never made to feel bad about that, if you just want to weigh in and go home/work etc then you can do just that. Image Therapy can sometimes be quite tedious, but also it can be just the boost you need to get through your next week, I stayed when I needed the kickstart but everybody is different, I would recommend staying to one after your initial first meeting and seeing if it is your thing or not. 

So that’s it for now. I hope this has helped anyone who was wondering these questions themselves.


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