A beginners guide to getting fit and healthy with FitBit

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Today I want to talk about how I plan to get healthy with Fitbit  and used it to start getting into fitness. If you follow my social media (here) you will know I received the Charge 2 recently as an upgrade

However this is not my first experience with Fitbit so today I wanted to talk about where I started.

In January 2015 I bought my vert first Fitbit with the money I had got as presents for Christmas.
I chose the FitBit Flex which markets as every day fitness and at that point I wasn’t even close to stepping foot in a gym.

healthy with FitBit
It’s a pretty simple band that has no confusing features. You simply tap the device to see how you are progressing or to enter into sleep mode, everything else was done on your app or desktop.

As a beginner this worked really well for me, it meant I could get to grips with it very easily.

I’ve always been one of these people who believe if you invest your money into something it will give you more determination to stick to it and having a Fitbit instantly gave me the motivation to move more.

I found myself wanting to hit my goals, I needed to see the green, it was like a game, one I naturally wanted to win and often did!

Of course there were days that I didn’t do this much but I would find myself marching around the house to reach my step goal before bed like a right weirdo. Can’t be a bad thing!

So I thought at this point I would give some examples of the little extra things you can do to reach your step goals;

  • Walk instead of taking your car or public transport 
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift/escalator  
  • If you are waiting (for a train or a friend maybe) stroll around the area instead of staying still 
  • Get steps in while you wait for your dinner or your kettle to boil. 
  • Two bathrooms in your house? Take furthest one away! 
  •  Enter challenges against your friends (this makes me move more, I like to win!)
  •  Up your daily goal; but not by too much, a little more than you usually hit is more achievable. 
  •  When walking somewhere, take a longer route. 
  •  Park your car as far away from a shop entrance as you can

I feel as beginner this was the perfect companion to get my foot into the fitness door, just having the little buddy on my wrist pushed me to do more, because in the time that I have been without my Fitbit I feel like I slacked, although I am still very active and I am a regular gym goer now having the new one has made me push myself even harder than I was, which has boosted my health once again and is exactly what I need on the run up to Christmas with some extra fluff to get rid of. WINNING.

Stay tuned to my blog for updates on how I get on with my new Charge 2

Do you own a Fitbit and love it as much as I do? Or are you thinking of getting one during the festive period? Do let me know in the comments or catch me on Insta


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  1. I have the Fitbit Blaze I loved the Charge 2 HR but wish they had combined some of the features into the Blaze. I like the touchscreen in the Blaze, and the interface more… And I love the features of the relax breathing feature of the Charge… But overall I love my Fitbit!

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