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Hi world.

At the weekend we went on our first little holiday in 5 years! Camping in Wales for 2 nights. If you are up to speed on our little one then you will know that due to his needs organising anything out of his routine can be a challenge.

We decided a 2 night stay would be ideal but to be honest, it didn’t really go to plan. We did however have fun. So don’t worry it’s not all doom and gloom!

Preparing for our camping holiday.

Preparing C for the time away has been weeks in the making. We asked him if he would like to go and sleep in a tent on holiday and he was excited at the thought of it. Win! Seeing as we also needed to air out our tent we took the opportunity to do this on a sunny day in our garden. I think this helped him so much because he became more real and his excitement grew!



Unfortunately for us when the day for holiday came, so did the rain. After a 3+ hour trip to Wales we had to pitch our tent in the pouring rain and it didn’t stop until the next morning.

During the night our tent flooded, everyone was damp and miserable and little one wasn’t coping all that well. Despite the sun coming the following day the damage was done Β and we decided to go grab a Travelodge and visit family for the second night.

Had it not been for the rain I think the trip would have been successful for C. I feel with a few tweaks and tricks we can make our next camping trip more comfortable. Especially if it rains.

Little one didn’t cope to well with the damp and to be quite honest, I wasn’t enjoying the fact that everything was soaked through either. Considering we were all miserable I feel like he did really well with very limited meltdown moments.

Finding adventure.

On the way to visiting family we decided to check out Barmouth. It’s a gorgeous little seaside town with the best chips we have EVER tasted. Both of the boys were in their element on the beach and in the arcades. Seaside towns are definitely the kind of holiday that suits our and little mans needs. I am wondering if a caravan might go down better next time?!


Look how happy they are?!

Of course going to the beach is never complete without an ice cream or a slushy.

So for our first real trip away in a while, I think we are calling this a success, we have booked another 2 nights in the summer holidays to try the camping experience again. This time I am hoping to be better prepared for rain, I mean we live in Britain, you’d think by now we’d be used to the wet! LOL

Do you like camping? Leave me any tips and tricks below πŸ™‚


11 comments on “Camping… ish! | Autism related.

  1. I’m not really into camping, but my brother is. However, being on the spectrum myself, I emphasize the importance of routine. (i.e.. eating at the same time every day). I don’t know about your son, but I have learned that I don’t really like being surprised and I don’t really cope well with stressful surprises at all. I think your son may be similar. Maybe preparing him for the possibility of when it rains next time will help him cope better?!

  2. I have never gone camping before but I’ve always wanted to! I enjoyed reading about your holiday!

  3. I would never try camping again after that experience! Although I guess it does make for a good story. I’ll stick to the beach any day! πŸ™‚

  4. I enjoy camping, however, here is the states is a bit different.. as long as there is wine and a fire… I am there!
    So glad you were able to have fun with your family, even if the plans had to change.

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