Fitness: Hula Hooping.

Hello lovelies,

Today we are going to talk about Hula Hooping.

I make it no secret that I am not great at this exercise lark, my 2016 goals are to change that and over the last few months of 2015 I have been upping my exercise game a bit. Namely I invested in a Hula Hoop and I started Couch25K 


So this is the hula hoop I own, it is a slightly weighted one by Davina McCall. As you can see by the picture it slots together so can feel a little flimsy but i’ve never had any problems with it falling apart or doing it’s job properly.


The only problem I did encounter was a blow to my ego in thinking that my years of hula hooping as a child was like the whole ‘riding a bike’ thing, you know, where you never forget how to do it? Boy I was wrong, it took a little time and YouTubing to master the technique once again, so my advice would be to have a Google around if you are finding you can’t, for lack of a better phrase, ‘keep it up’ (lol) there is a knack to it as the technique is more tilting your hips forward and backwards rather than round in circles. Once I had the hang of it though I was away.

The morning after the very first time of using this my abs were on FIRE, crikey you can definitely tell you have done a core workout for sure!

All in all I think it is a really easy and quick way to tone up your stomach muscles, there are DVDs and things you can get too for getting in a whole body workout but I am yet to try them.

Definitely worth a try! 🙂

Have you got a hula hoop? Do you like it? Comments always welcome x



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