My first Nikes! | Nike Revolution 3 Running Shoes.

Hi my loves,

Welcome to today’s blog where I am talking about my first pair of Nikes! The Nike Revolution 3 Running Shoe.

I have wanted a pair of Nike trainers for some time now, but I’ve never found ‘the’ pair that I’ve thought “I need those!!“, that was until I was directed to the DWSports website and I fell in love with these beauties!

Now, if you know me you will understand the reason these Nikes now belong to me. MINT GREEN. Ahh, I honestly fell straight in love with them.

I’ve had them for a few weeks now so I’m going to tell you more about them!


The DWSports website is easy to navigate and the shoes came quickly by Royal Mail and packaged well in the tell tale Nike box and additional protective bag.

Size and fit:

I chose a 6 because my feet are a 5.5 and I have a wide foot. They fit lovely, have some space but my extra width isn’t a problem at all. In the week I’ve worn them daily I’ve had absolutely zero rubbing or aches.


These are marketed as running shoes and I can see why, they are light, comfortable and have a lot of movement to them. They would be really good for running outside, so far I’ve only used them on a treadmill but it was a comfortable ride!


I go to the gym 5 times a week and I’ve worn these every time since I got them. I’ve found my feet didn’t feel sweaty or expand uncomfortably in these, which often happens when I get hot (and the weather here has been sweltering this week!) they just feel really light compared to some of my other trainers. I love it.



One of the main reasons I wanted Nikes, I am not ashamed to admit it, is for fashion. Yep. I wanted to look cool on the school run. My 10 year old actually has the exact same trainers in a darker green. I’m not sure if that makes me a cool Mum or a cringy Mum but I feel super amazing and that’s what matters right? lol

Final thought

You wont be surprised to read that I LOVE THEM. They look cool, they feel amazingly comfy, my feet can breathe and I’ve had ZERO pain, rubbing or aching like I get with most new shoes. It’s love. They have slotted into my life perfectly. Thank you DWSport and Nike for bringing these into my life!


*This is a collaborative post with DWSports.


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