Camping Essentials List | Blogtober17 Day 8

Hello, people!

Today we are chatting about a Camping Essentials List. I forgot to publish this in the summer so I thought what the hell let’s publish it as part of Blogtober17

We have been camping twice, the first time was a complete failure due to inclement weather, but the second time was a little better. What we learned as camping beginners was that having a list is essential and planning for every eventuality was a good choice!

camping essentials list


So here’s my camping essentials list!


  1. The obvious essentials – Tent etc, clothes, air beds, bedding, electric pump, camping stove, table, picnic blanket.
  2. Socks – After our great British weather disaster last time we camped we learned how much we relied on a dry pair of socks (or even two pairs because it gets a bit chilly in the night!)
  3. Wellies and raincoats – It’s sensible to always prepare for rain here in Britain
  4. Sun cream and hats – On the flip side let’s be prepared for the sun too.
  5. Electric hook up – I know, I know it’s not ‘real’ camping, but this was a godsend last time, we took a kettle so waiting for a brew was quicker and we all had the charge on our electronics, which is amazing for the little one!
  6. A collapsible water carrier – This was amazing because we just filled it up and took fewer trips down to the drinking water tap!
  7. A BBQ! – We didn’t take a bbq last time and completely regretted it we picked one up from Halfords for under £10
  8. Chairs – obviously!
  9. Lights – Never underestimate the need to see in the middle of the night when your kids are desperate for a piddle!
  10. Baby wipes – Because they can be used for EVERYTHING!

There we have it, my list of camping essentials is there anything not on the list you think I should add? Let me know! 🙂


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