Brita Fill & Go Vital water bottle | Review

Brita Fill & Go vital water bottle

I have kindly been sent the Brita Fill & Go Vital  water bottle to review. If you know me you will know about my slight obsession for anything that houses a drink so naturally I was really excited to give it a go!

Brita Fill & Go Vital

The idea behind the Brita Fill & Go Vital is that you get to fill up on your much needed water and have the benefit of it being filtered too. I grabbed this from their website;

BRITA fill&go Vital – the smart way to stay hydrated on the go. The new water filter bottle from BRITA filters your water while you drink. This premium-quality water filter bottle with integrated activated carbon filtration reliably transforms tap water into great tasting, freshly filtered BRITA water. Wherever you are and whenever you are on the go. Just insert the MicroDisc with ActivSelect Technology  and fill up with tap water. This new product comes in four stylish colours and can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. Enjoy BRITA filtered water on the go – for just a few pence per litre.

  • BPA free
  • 600 ml
  • Dimensions: Height: 220 mm, Diameter: 72 mm
  • Fits into regular cup holders
  • BRITA MicroDisc with ActivSelect Technology: delivers four weeks of fresh, great tasting BRITA water. Significantly reduces chlorine, other taste impairing substances and fine solids
  • 1 BRITA MicroDisc with ActivSelect Technology included
Water for me is my vital go-to step to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the benefits that come with drinking your daily intake of water are incredible.

On receiving the Brita Fill & Go I was impressed by it’s look. It holds 600ml of water so is automatically a winner for taking with me to the gym. I thought it held a simplistic style too. Great for those instagram photos! The bottle came with one filter which lasts four weeks. (A 6 month supply of discs is £24.98 on their website which works out to around 14p a day.)

I really like the bottle but I’ve realised I am totally a water bottle with a straw type of person. That said I still use this one daily so that has to count for something too right?

I do wish it had a strap or handle for at the gym and a straw but all in all the Brita Fill & Go Vital has slotted into my lifestyle just lovely. Plus the perk of having filtered water is great, I do taste the difference and prefer it I must say!

The cost of the bottle is £15, but you can buy it with a 6 month supply of discs for £40.98. It is a investment bottle for sure but really worth the pennies if you live an active lifestyle and enjoy the luxury of filtered water.

4/5 from me, a straw and handle would of given it top marks.

Do you have one of these? How do you like it?



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