Blogtob-Err? | Is daily blogging for me?

Well, hello there!

Blogtober, or blogtob-Err?



I gave up, I’m a failure.

Daily blogging? Not for me! I love the concept of Blogtober, the new blogs it opened me up to and the new ideas I had for my own posts. However a daily prompt, it just isn’t for me.

I struggle at the best of times with my mental health, publishing a blog post for me can be quite an anxious experience, and I hoped Blogtober17 would help me tackle this anxiety. Unfortunately, as much as it did help me with new ideas it made my anxiety more heightened as I stressed over meeting the daily goal.

So I guess I have given up, I am still going to look over the prompts for the rest of the month and blog any topics I want to join in with, but as it stands, daily blogging is not for me.

Why not have a look at the posts I did do during Blogtober17?

And a big thank you to Mandi over at Hexmumblog for hosting the entire thing!



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