More babies or nah? | Blogtober17 Day 2

Hi gang.

As the title suggests we are talking about babies today as part of Blogtober17. Lately, there has been a baby boom in our family. There are lots of newborn babies that I’ve been snuggling, so naturally, I am feeling a tad broody!

This has prompted many questions from people about whether my hubby and I will have another child. We had decided a few years ago that two babies would be our family complete. No more babies for us! I am actually trying to convince hubs that a vasectomy is the way forward but he is reluctant haha

While this is a concrete decision, I can’t help but feel a certain level of sadness about it, there are so many feelings bouncing around my head.

So that’s what I am going to chat about today.

First up, I have two boys. Two absolutely wonderful, challenging yet rewarding little boys. They are 7 and 11. Our 11-year-old has just started high school and adolescence (and don’t we know it!) and our 7-year-old is in the closing stages of a diagnosis on the Autistic spectrum. Like I said, challenging.


My brain wonders if we had another baby would it be a girl, and wouldn’t a little girl be just lovely? My logical side knows that another baby is a lot more than we can financially and mentally take on but I seem to still feel these feelings regardless.

Secondly, when I think about my boys growing up and starting families of their own I realise I will always be the ‘other Nanny‘ and the mother-in-law. My brain also dislikes the idea of this. Logically I know boys tend to be mummy’s boys (mine definitely are!) and that I will never lose them, and any grandchildren I do have will know who I am and love me because, well,  I’ll damn well make sure of it haha. But the thought lingers anyway, and I feel like one day I won’t be as important anymore.

This is completely normal, right? To have the broodiness but know you actually don’t want another baby? To feel sadness over an assumption of how life will be?

That’s where I am right now, and I hope this blog makes some sort of sense! If you can relate to this then PLEASE let me know I am not alone.

C x

Blogtober17 is a blog a day for the whole of October, you can find my other posts here.


11 comments on “More babies or nah? | Blogtober17 Day 2

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I have 4 , I have been single for agggeeess and know I dont want any more children , they’re just learning the art of a lie in!Still that broody wombache lingers though!!! #blogtober17

  2. I can totally understand where you’re coming from. Even though my youngest is two – I already miss that little baby stage. And I’ll never have a one year old-again. That’s sad. But totally know that we couldn’t afford another and I really don’t have the energy. I’m just focusing on enjoying NOW!

  3. Completely get where you’re coming from! We are also ‘Two and Through’, we have one of each. We did want more but I suffer badly during pregnancy so we decided we couldn’t put the family through it again. My husband had the snip when my second was 3 months old! I feel sad sometimes, especially as my smallest is now two! But I make up for it by volunteering at my local breastfeeding group, I get to snuggle fix whilst the Mummies have a rest!


  4. Do not worry about being the other nanny! My son has two sons, I am a huge part of their lives because he married a wonderful person who shares them with me. We all work hard to have a great relationship too #blogtober17

  5. My post today is about how we definitely aren’t having any more babies. My boys are only 2 and 4 but I know we’re definitely done. I think there’ll always be a lingering disappointment that I’ll never have a daughter though. #Blogtober

    1. I think I will always feel the same too. It’s such a weird feeling isn’t it, to know you are done but still feel that sense of sadness – Thank you for commenting xx

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