McDonalds syns | Slimming World

McDonalds Syns Hi world, today we are delving into the world of syns again, namely McDonalds syns if you are anything like me then even if you are following a healthy lifestyle, sometimes there is nothing like a cheeky maccies to make your day. Sometimes I found that knowing the syns made me make better decisions [...]

Brita Fill & Go Vital water bottle | Review

Brita Fill & Go vital water bottle I have kindly been sent the Brita Fill & Go Vital  water bottle to review. If you know me you will know about my slight obsession for anything that houses a drink so naturally I was really excited to give it a go! The idea behind the Brita [...]

10 crazy things I would do if I won the lottery!

Winning the lottery is the dream isn't it I think all of us have had those daydreams where we win the Euromillions and mentally spend all the money in our heads on cars and houses and dream holidays. I know I have lived the dream in my head numerous times! However, aside from all the [...]

Registering to vote! | #NotThe33

22nd May 2017 Tomorrow is the very last day you can go about registering to vote and I am taking the opportunity to share with you why I think it is important that you DO vote. Wait, don't leave, hear me out.. I used to be one of those people who thought their vote "didn't [...]

Soreen lunchbox loaves | Review.

Hi my loves, Today we are reviewing the Soreen lunchbox loaves, A healthy lunchbox / on-the-go snack is something that I often find myself searching the supermarket shelves for. Both my kids have lunchboxes at school which need to be healthy, and we have recently become a driving family so  finding on-the-go snacks for the [...]

Gousto food boxes | Low calorie option. Review.

Hi my loves. We have had the opportunity to try the Gousto food boxes  and I decided to share my thoughts with you! I went for the low calorie recipes of Lemon pepper chicken with rosemary potatoes and honey roast gammon. The order process Ordering my box was pretty simple, the Gousto website is very [...]

The book nook | Welcome to the beginning!

Welcome to the corner of my blog dedicated to books - The Book Nook I know what you are thinking. The Book Nook ?! I usually type about weight loss, food and occasionally my life, but books?! Well if you have read my "the girl behind the blog" section of my space here on the [...]

It doesn’t matter what size your clothes are!!

Hi lovelies. Do you know what gets my goat? Clothes sizing. Today I am coming at you with why it doesn't matter what size your clothes are!!  *All sizes mentioned are UK sizing* Don't get me wrong I've been that girl who would squeeze into a size 16 because she didn't want to accept she [...]

Protein Waffles – Easter style recipe

Hi my loves. Easter is on it's way and what better to kick off the holiday of chocolate than a protein waffles - Easter style recipe What you'll need: 1 scoop of Protein powder - Any you choose I used vanilla whey. 1 egg A waffle maker Optional toppings: (I chose: Frozen berries  - Cadbury Mini [...]